ELEAGUE Major Qualifier First Round Highlights and Round 2 Predictions

Mike "Ragamuffin" Ciavarella December 16th 2016 2:00 PM

The first round of qualification was action packed and full of surprises. What does it mean for the teams on day 2?

The first round of CS in Atlanta is over, and some important fixtures have been decided. Let's take a look at how the results from yesterday will impact today's matches. First, the key matches from yesterday:

FaZe > Cloud9 15-15 (4-1)
Many predicted this to be the most exciting match of the first round, and these top 10 teams did not disappoint. C9 has played, and lost, some Mirage against Faze in recent history. So you can imagine the team's dismay when it was randomly selected over cache to be played. C9 had a great defensive half, only giving up 5 rounds to FaZe, but FaZe answered with 10 CT rounds of their own. FaZe was able to pull out the game in OT, extending their mirage win streak against C9 to 3. C9 gets Tyloo in the next round, who makes mistakes but can be a formidable opponent when they don't. FaZe has an electrifying matchup against a red-hot Optic team.

Immortals > EnVyUs 16-11
After dropping 5 straight matches against NV, Immortals finally won the latest fight between the two teams and secured that crucial 1-0 record. boltz was on fire in this game - he dropped a 3 bomb and had over 100 ADR. Their reward? A round 2 matchup against a much weaker Vega Squadron team. An inconsistent NV team will play their equally inconsistent French counterparts, G2.
[By the way, I thought this couldn't happen since they were in the same seeding group?? What's that about? Only 1st round?]

HellRaisers > Mousesports 16-5
In my last blog, I had predicted mouz's practice against high-tier teams to pay off in this matchup, and got called out for it in the comments. I was definitely wrong on that one - HR won this map, and it wasn't even close. The train T-side of the Eastern European mix was extremely impressive. Mousesports, who is a mess right now, had no chance against the well-prepared tactics of HR. HellRaisers have proven they are a team to look out for in this qualifier, and get a chance to further prove themselves in a tough round 2 test against NiP. Mouz have a day to recover against Spirit, who kept it somewhat close against dignitas.


Round 2 Predictions

These two teams split matches in November. They both look like inconsistent at best teams, but CLG lost their much easier match in the first round. RNG has a slightly better shot at winning this barn-burner of a match.

Mouz > Spirit
As bad as mouz looked in the first match, they should beat an inferior Spirit team. But Spirit will be looking to stay alive, and looked surprisingly good against dignitas yesterday, so the Germans on mouz need to step their game up.

NiP > HR
HR looked great yesterday, but NiP is the #3 team in the world, with many more impressive match wins recently. Expect HR to put up a fight but fall short in this one.

G2 > EnVyUs
This is definitely going to be an entertaining match to watch. G2 have won 5 of the last 6 against NV, so they should pull through. You can bet that NV won't go down without a fight, though.

Immortals > Vega Squadron
Both of these teams are riding momentum going into today, but unfortunately for Vega, Immortals is no CLG. The higher skilled roster should take this one.

Dignitas > GODSENT
Dig crushed GODSENT last month at ECS, and GODSENT has seriously struggled against all the Danish teams... actually, just all the teams in general. Dignitas should again win handily in this one.

C9 > Tyloo
The NA team had a hard fought loss yesterday, and they should bounce back today against a Tyloo team that they 16-0'd in their last meeting.

OpTic > FaZe
This is the match of the day. FaZe are getting better every day, but they still haven't beaten Optic in a BO3. Add to that the fact that Optic are on fire right now, riding a huge wave of momentum this month. The NA team should win this map, but Faze has upset potential in a BO1.

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